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Our experience from working with some of the world’s leading design and construction firms, allows us to inspect and develop construction documents and sites to internationally recognized standards. These types of inspections are listed within the two categories below, which can be undertaken together or individually depending upon your requirement.

Site assessment
Building survey- condition, valuation and recommendations.
Stage inspections during construction, client representatives role (to ensure your contractor is delivering against your specifications both in terms of products used and quality of workmanship).
Alternative design suggestions.
Contractor professionalism and works quality (including structural reporting).
Land survey (topography, line and level).
Geotechnical appraisal of land rock and soil.
Retaining structures, drainage and service recommendations.
Machines and methods supervision and contracting.
Construction defect clarification.
Project document inspections
Neo estate corporation can review, develop or produce construction documentation depending on your requirements, including but not limited to:

Project drawings – Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Architectural.
Project Terms of Reference, Bills of Quantities, specifications, schedules and contracts.
Project Conveyances, reviews of land title, road and services entitlements, sale and purchase contracts, owners charters and maintenance contracts